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From: Brian John Mayer Nowhere Man []
Date: Sat Jul 13 05:27:46 2002

I'd really like to see you again.


Peace & Love,


From: Attention Kristy McNichol Fans >>,_Kristy/ []
Date: Fri Jul 12 22:26:42 2002

For those who are interested and are true-blue loyal fans of Kristy's, the homepage link above has a list of different sites for you to view many pix and articles.


Brian John Mayer

From: Mike []
Date: Fri Jul 12 07:26:49 2002

I always liked Kristy ever since I knew her as "Buddy" on FAMILY. I still have a crush on her and my heart melted when I seen her on EMPTY NEST doing the piano scene while in the black dress, she was do beautiful, and still is today. I'd love to actually hear from her and let her know how much she is missed!

From: patti s []
Date: Wed Jul 10 07:17:57 2002

keep up the effort and good work in preserving kristys memorbilia p.s do you kriste read this web site,just asking since this is the first time in here searching for your web site for years,gotta ask you something,personally ive found strength in meeting betty j.eadie andgoing into her web site embraced by the also read her near death experience book...anyone out there reading this and needing encouragement i recommend it!

From: Brian Pierce []
Date: Mon Jul 8 10:39:00 2002

Kristy thank you for the wonderful years of magic you gave us. From the first time i saw you i fell in-love with you as you are one of the most beautiful women that has ever graced the screen and hope to see you return in the near future.All the best from your Aussie fan. Brian

From: Gerry C. Fitzgerald Don't Have One, Sorry! []
Date: Sun Jul 7 05:59:02 2002

To Kristy: I too suffer from BiPolar Syndrome and have only in the past year began to understand anything about it, even though it has made my life a living hell for the past few years. Undermedicated, poorly diagnosed and thought of as being lazy and shiftless, now I know that the feelings and actions I have had are the result of a chemical imbalance and not due to a lack of will/desire/intelligence, etc. I am a retired EMT Paramedic, was a volunteer Firefighter for over 35 years until my health forced me to retire and I have tried contribute to my fellow man so as to improve life for all around me. Now I know that I have not been a failure, only mentally sick and hopefully one day, to be better. Thank you for your courage to tell the world. God Bless!

From: Brian John Mayer []
Date: Sun Jul 7 02:10:39 2002

I love you Christine with all my heart...

I will forever as I impart;

I truly love you as you can see,

forever, now, and eternity.

I love you Christine.

From: Beth []
Date: Sat Jul 6 03:54:24 2002

Hi Kristy! Have always thought you were such a cutie pie and a great actress, just saw you on 'E' biography tonight for the 2nd time, love that show. Had always wondered what had happened to you. Miss seeing you on Tv and the big screen, no doubt you were the best, such an awesome actress indeed, and such an adorable smile. Love you and miss you!!! Beth

From: Robert Knapp []
Date: Sat Jul 6 03:10:27 2002

Have always been a big fan of yours still think your sexy Still think your a great acctress etc. With all my heart. Mail me back if you can.Bob Knapp in Crumpton,Md. 2l628 See ya!

From: Elizabeth []
Date: Thu Jul 4 00:00:38 2002

Thanks for compiling the information on this site. I admired Kristy's work since I was a young girl, in awe of her talents. She was like a big sister to me.

From: craig []
Date: Sat Jun 29 09:20:50 2002

great site i hope you get better soon and come back to movies and TV soon miss you Kristy McNichol

From: Brian []
Date: Fri Jun 28 01:36:30 2002

Honestly I was and am really in love with you; and I believe you know that. I only wish it were that simple...

Baby I don't love you any less than before, and I completely understand you. I also understand the 'intercepted' song 'Saved by Zero' and the lyrics' actual meaning to "I'll be altogether".

There are significant facts before the facts, and I could just to die for you. Please don't believe in the lies.

In answer to your questions, yes--it was recording and I do come with a stick of gum.

Remember what I whispered to you?

Your forever friend and admirer,


From: mike []
Date: Fri Jun 28 01:23:50 2002

hi kristy---i last wrote 5/9/02---again, yes i am a fan of you and not the "star"--i dont read into what others say too much because i know they dont know you personaly--but i know they mean well..myself included. IF you ever get the chance--feel free to send me an email--thx--best wishes.

From: Maggie Ann Nguyen I work at Lincoln Ne municipal airport married and have three children a good person to everyone and a good heart. []
Date: Thu Jun 27 04:16:20 2002

Hi Kristy, U r my best fan ever good luck and I hope to meet u someday, I did send u an e-mail please read. My dream is before I ever die is to meet u in person. thanks for being there for me when I was growing up with u. Maggie Nguyen

From: Brian Loves []
Date: Thu Jun 20 00:41:35 2002

I miss you and love you with all my heart Christine.

I have found something 'privy' that I won't disclose for fear of more false persecution. I would however; tell someone at your choice in complete confidence.

I have been unable to think clearly and have been like a sack of potatoes and cement.

You know I love you 99

From: Microsoft Internet Explorer []
Date: Sat Jun 15 01:23:16 2002

Hello Kristy.

Your are the age of my little sister. You've always reminded me of her. I know that everyone always wants to know about you and what movies you have done. Well, I live in the Chicago area, a little suburb between Chic. and Milwaukee. My teen years was the fantastic 70's, and I've seen a lot of stars when they were just starting out. I sort of recall an article about you.I think,it stated that you've married Robin Zander from Cheap Trick back in 1991. I was just wondering if any one else remember this? Friendship yes, but I never really heard anything about you getting married before. Relationships, yes, but my neighbor was wondering if this was true.

Just wanted to ask if anyone knew, or if it was one of the pranks that paper's and mags do. I can't remeber if it was in Circus and one of those Rock & Roll mags. that my children had around.

From: anthony andrew losurdo i []
Date: Sun Jun 9 23:11:50 2002


From: Brian []
Date: Thu Jun 6 22:13:08 2002

Because I love you and wished that you and I were friends...

because our lives were already entwined I could not let go; (with the future already been seen!) Oh God! on and on that story goes...

Darling, I was playing a role to pull a rabbit outa my hat.

...What a dumpster. Please don't hate me.

From: Vera Costa []
Date: Wed Jun 5 22:12:17 2002

I love you Kristy!

From: Hakon Hessling []
Date: Tue Jun 4 10:50:27 2002

Had the pleasure to meet you i L.A. 1992. Love and miss you !!

From: Dave Fricker England UK []
Date: Thu May 30 20:16:16 2002

Truly the most remarkable web site I have ever visited. A most worthy and moving tribute to a unique acting talent and beauty which will never be surpassed.

Sincerest Best Wishes from a loyal British KMcN fan.

From: Teece []
Date: Tue May 21 00:58:07 2002

I seen the Kristy McNichol story on E!True Hollywood Story, and I have a greater respect for her as a person and an actress!

From: Christopher curtis []
Date: Mon May 20 22:48:15 2002

Dear Kristy; just thought I'd let you kow that you are still one beautiful woman/lady, also if you do read any of this letters that I still have your album with poster and cassette, I still listen to them. I hope that your future is just as grand as you are. sincerely yours chritopher curtis

P.S. was also a member of your fan club, still have the posters, and some post cards.

From: caroline schuepbach []
Date: Sat May 18 23:18:26 2002

kristy,if you ever get to read this,know that if you feel like going on a trip to switzerland, you re invitedi ll take you skiing in the mountains, or swimming in the lake. whatever you want.i ll pay all the re the best.

From: caroline schuepbach []
Date: Sat May 18 23:07:50 2002

ever since about 10 years i m deeply in love withkristy.i dream of her,i think about her, i m mad about her.i know switzerland is far,but nevertheless,i m mad about kristy.

From: Wendy Zaragoza []
Date: Sat May 18 09:44:13 2002

I met Kristy this week at Las Vegas. She was in the Coca-Cola store. I saw her & recognized her right away. I tried to get her attention but she made a bee line to her family. They saw me & asked her if she knew me so she came over to me & I asked for her autograph. She was really cool about it. I had her waiting while I seached for a pen. She looked great. It was like seeing an old friend from highschool because I watched her during my young teen years. I told her I liked her in pirate movie. I wanted to sit & talk about all her movies with her but I did'nt want to be overbearing. Anyway it was a cool thing.

From: mairi macloed-mccormack []
Date: Fri May 17 22:47:04 2002

Been a fan since summer of my .... where are you now?

From: casper []
Date: Wed May 15 01:21:31 2002

I like your web site. I have always liked kristy mcnicol I love the movie summer of my german soilder. Have not heard anything on kristy in quite a while. casper

From: Mr. Shaheed Turner []
Date: Tue May 14 22:39:48 2002

Have Been A Fan Of The TV Show Family Since 1977 I Grew up with the character of Buddy Lawrence I Watched The TV Series For 25 Years Before It Went Off The Air In 1980 And I Love Your Movies And Whole Lot More .And Kristy Mc Nichol Your My Favorite Actress And A Big Fan And America's Sweetheart And A True Friend I Always Wanted To Meet A Former Child Star So What Are You Doing Now Sincerely Shaheed Turner .

From: Kelly Kessler []
Date: Mon May 13 23:57:26 2002

I sure miss your work. Get back out there Kristy!!!

From: Brian John Mayer West Los Angeles, CA []
Date: Mon May 13 07:18:34 2002

Dear Christine,

I don't know if you read this guestbook or not, and I am so weary of what's happened and how lives were effected...

I just want you to know that there's a story I really want to tell you about the truth, and I kinda believe you've known all this time.

I didn't... NO. --I DIDN'T.

I love you baby. I just, --------love you.





From: mike []
Date: Thu May 9 01:25:54 2002

hi kristy----yes i am a huge fan--for several reasons.But of you and not the "STAR"--I think it would be nice for all us who have signed this guestbook if you could acknowledge us just once to let us know how you are doing. thx alot and best wishes.

From: Ashaki []
Date: Tue May 7 06:32:58 2002

C, thanks for buying me a coke at lunch. I got sick after drinking it; I could've sworn there was a booger in it on the ice. I drank it in spite of talking with you. You never called me back on another lunch date and I'm kind of wondering if that booger came from my nose, you saw me drink it, and it scared you off? Well, call me back... you know my email. My number in Oaks is disconn- Out

From: Yuliana []
Date: Thu May 2 18:28:21 2002

Hey Kristy I'm a huge fan of yours ive seen almost all your movies my davorite is Little Darlings I was woundering if are you married and have children if you have time can you email me please my email is

From: Yuliana []
Date: Thu May 2 17:48:30 2002

Hey Kristy I'm a big fan of you I seen almost all your movies The one thats my favorite is Little Darlings I see that movie almost all the time. And sometimes I wounder if you could make a come back in a movie because I really miss you and I hope your ok so hey I have to go now ok bye .

From: Debbie []
Date: Mon Apr 29 21:29:54 2002

Kristy, I just wanted to let you know that I also have a depression disorder. It wasn't discovered until my early 30's just a few years ago, but I am dealing with it as you are too I am sure.

You were a role model to me in "Family" and also your movies. My daughters and I have recently watched "Little Darlings" and now they know why it is one of my favorite movies.

I do have to say that your singing career was brief but great...I still have the 45 of "He's so fine", I just love how you sing that...I use to try to sing like you, it drove my parents bonkers....

Anyway, take care of yourself...your fans will always be here for you, on and off the set.


From: mike []
Date: Sat Apr 27 22:34:34 2002

good for you for taking the time to be the "real" you. I have alot of respect for that.

From: Drew n/a []
Date: Tue Apr 23 15:58:50 2002

Hope all's well in La-la Land. I've gotta switch from Zyprexa back to Lithobid, 'cause my freebies are running out, and I can't afford zyprexa. How's the teaching thing going? If you're ever out this way... (Detroit to Chicago to Indy). xoxox, Just the way I am (lol,...:-) ). Drew Hosey.

From: Deana Smith []
Date: Mon Apr 22 21:32:11 2002




From: Cassandra []
Date: Sun Apr 21 20:01:17 2002

hey Kristy i just wanted 2 say i like ur movies especially little darlings, i am only 13 yrs old & that movie it makes me think of what i am gonna be in camp o well it will be fun he he buhbye

From: Cassandra []
Date: Thu Apr 18 20:33:46 2002

hey Kristy i just wanted 2 say i am a really big fan of ur shows especially Little Darlings i bet that was a fun movie 2 film, was it??, that movie reminded me when i went 2 camp, me & my friends always had a blast, i will be going 2 a few camps this summer, they r gonna be fun, well it was nice typing 2 u, cya later

Date: Thu Apr 18 02:25:32 2002

hi all-hi kristy!!

well i have watched kristy grow up and i did also with her. i also have the same disorder she has and hope she is well. i was that tomboy she played on the t.v. show family and i guess i feel as though i share alot of her problems and the ups and downs of life.i have never forgotten any of her movies or her.i still have my dynamite mag with kristy on the cover.i miss her presence on t.v. but understand why she needed to just take care of herself.she graced our lives for many years and i understand and am thankful for the memories.kristy thank you for it all,and thanks for being any great star she shines even when we can't catch a glimpse of her,she remains with us always. love and happiness to all! me

From: Maxwell Smart -Agent 86 []
Date: Tue Apr 16 02:00:21 2002

I love you with all my heart 99. I don't want to live without you near me anymore.

Eh, would you believe...

Can you and I just kiss and make up?

Your forever fan, Max

From: []
Date: Sun Apr 14 21:30:19 2002

is it true that Kristy McNichol is gay? I think that she is SUCH A HOTTIE!!!!!

From: Cheryl Merrill []
Date: Sun Apr 14 20:17:22 2002

Kristy McNichol was one of the brightest shining stars I have ever witnessed. She was one of the greatest talents in television of the 70's, and I appreciate this web site full of some great photos. They recently aired one of Kristy's movies on television in the U.S. I hadn't seen her in so long and I just realized when I saw the powerful emotions she portrayed, what a uniquely gifted, talented person she was, not to mention an extremely cute one. Kristy was more than an actress -- she put her real emotions into her acting that made her one of the most oustanding talented women I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

From: Donny []
Date: Sun Apr 14 18:28:46 2002

I Love You so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Brian Picking []
Date: Sun Apr 14 15:54:50 2002

Hi, just wanted to say she was a good and cute actress. If you, Kristy, look up this site and read my entry, nice to meet you! I would like to meet a good actor or actress someday. I'm at


From: kim simmons []
Date: Sun Apr 14 02:29:10 2002

hello, i just wanted to say this is a great site. I had been watching children of the bride today and thought i would see if kristy had a site or some way of finding out how she was doing. i was a fan of kristy back in the family days. think of her now. thank you, kim simmons new orleans, la

From: []
Date: Sat Apr 13 21:27:10 2002

i love you !!!!!!!!

From: William L Beem []
Date: Tue Apr 9 19:40:25 2002

Thanks for being apart of my growing up> I had pupy love for you when I was young now I like who u became good luck in your new movies.

From: roberta []
Date: Tue Mar 26 22:43:45 2002

I am so sure I saw Kristy in Kihei Maui this last week, I was such a fan of hers. I wish I would have said something to her. She is so cute. thanks for having this page. roberta

From: Brian []
Date: Tue Mar 26 18:51:21 2002

Just a matter of T I M E

Peace & Love,


From: Bill bdmk2@pacbell []
Date: Sun Mar 24 11:38:04 2002

Kristy, going back to say the mid 70's, I remember seeing on T.V. Boy did I have a crush on you! I grew up in Northridge, Calif. and much to my surprise I recall seeing you at the mall (Northridge). I was about 16 or 17 at the time. I can't tell you how bad I wanted to walk up and introduce myself, hopefully strike up a conversation and ask you out. But being a little on the shy side (back then) I could not bring myself to do it. I wish I had, who knows. Well anyways, I hope all is going well in your life and with a little luck you'll read this and drop me an e-mail. Take Care!

From: Dana Black []
Date: Sun Mar 24 03:29:20 2002

I miss not seeing you on tv,however I just found ot that you have the same illness as me and this is why you retired. I sure wish that I can retire. I'm currently going back to school to better myself. hopefully! take care Kristy

From: Brian []
Date: Sat Mar 23 21:57:37 2002

Hi !~)

I have been wondering about this website, (J.B.'s G.B. I call it) and I've read here that Robbie has remembered me! She IS a sweetie,(...Hi Robbie!!!~) and she DOES look a lot like Kristy!

Well, I've since moved here to the Santa Monica area in Los Angeles, and I am hoping to someday meet Kristy (actually Christine).

Best Wishes to everyone,


From: Raquel []
Date: Sat Mar 23 18:08:44 2002

Hi, I always thought Kristy was a big cutie! She should make a come-back on t.v.; I know she would have a big fan-base. Maybe an independent film? It worked for Ally Sheedy (High Art). Just a thought...

From: Kellie Finger []
Date: Sat Mar 23 03:42:10 2002

I could write a thesis on Kristy's perfomance in Little Darlings. She is amazing and she should be on the red carpet this Sunday.

From: Kellie Finger []
Date: Sat Mar 23 03:39:07 2002

How can I get an email to Kristy?

From: Bonde W. Smith []
Date: Fri Mar 22 15:54:12 2002

I have always been a fan of yours Kristy, I am close to your age, 7/62, I hope all is going ok for you, I hope somehow you see this message, miss you, hope to see you in a movie or on tv again, wish I could meet you sometime, take care. Bonde Smith Duluth, Mn.

From: Bonde Wade Smith []
Date: Fri Mar 22 07:27:31 2002

I think you are mint Kristy, hope everything is going great for you.. Bonde Smith, Duluth, Mn.

From: Robbie Lee []
Date: Wed Mar 20 15:15:20 2002

Hi Kristy, Don't know that you ever read these messages but in case you do, wanted you to know how much I've always enjoyed your work. I'm writing however in hopes this will be read by someone I corresponded with after first signing this guestbook about a year and a half ago. My letter was in reference to how much I have always been told I looked like you and a guy named Brian responded and I sent him some pictures just to prove my point anyway we wound up writing for quite a while till my old pc gave out. I have since gotten a new one and would like to hear from this guy so if your out there and remenber me write me back o.k.? Thanks, Robbie

From: paul emmanuel taneo []
Date: Fri Mar 8 19:30:17 2002

Just wondering where she is now. She's one of the really good actors (like that "James at 15/16" guy) in 70s television.

From: chris chalfant []
Date: Mon Mar 4 20:13:52 2002

I loved Kristy and Jimmy when I was little, (same time they were young...)

I browsed through her pictures on her web-site and it made me feel like I was 9 again, I loved it!! I remembered cutting out pictures of her brother and her and sticking them on my wall.

I am 3 now, and have too suffered from different aspects of depression and I luckly made it through. I pray that Kristy does the same.

From: richard []
Date: Mon Feb 25 04:51:22 2002

I've just gotten my e-mail server up after a few weeks. Could someone please tell me if the Kristy McNichol chatline is still operating? I would really like to talk to other Kristy fans out there.

From: Bob Johnson []
Date: Mon Feb 25 01:18:26 2002


I just saw the true E! hollywood story on your life and career. I have followed your career since you were a child. I am 40 years old and have a disorder called anxiety or panic disorder. Not unlike bi-polar disorder, it rules your life. I completely understand what you have been through and would love to correspond with you regarding all of our aspects of life. I am not interested in you as a celebrity but as a person who has been through much of what I have experienced myself. By the off chance that you read this, I would love to hear from you and share some real experiences that we have been through. Let me know if you would be interested in talking to me about our chemical disorders, or just life in general. I have always enjoyed your performances and have truly understood where your head has been. I am glad you were smart enough to understand that you have an emotional disorder, and not gotten caught up in the drug and alchohol scene. I believe you are a truly remarkable person, and we could have much to talk about and commiserate about. By the way, I also thouroughly enjoy tennis. Not that I am that good, but maybe you could give me a few lessons...haha...Remember, there are people out there that have been through the same craziness in life that you have been through. It's not a sin, it's just who we are. Take care Kristy. Bob

From: erinn []
Date: Mon Feb 25 01:10:29 2002

hey kristy, im not going to pretend and say that ive always followed all that youve done, but i truelly have always been a fan, when i was a little girl i remember watching family and just being in love with your tenacity, i also remember going to see "the pirate movie" at the drive in theatre, my dad took my brother and myself, my brother was so in love w/ you and to be quite honest so was i, you were the every day girl that reflected in all the girls next door, you were beautiful, funny and athletic, i loved you for that. im sort of ashamed to say that i was reminded of you by your e true hollywood story, and after watching that i felt a tremendous need to tell you how much i loved you and how you helped shape my personality, i was very much a tomboy like yourself, and when i was young i looked up to you tremendously, i think looking back on it now your a big part of the reason that i am the way that i am and i just wanted to thank you for that :) i hope all is well in your life and that you find only happiness in your future. I certainly do miss seeing you on the big screen but im glad that youve been able to find yourself and that happiness that you deserve. i hope this message manages to find you.

luv ya always!

From: shannon []
Date: Sat Feb 23 00:27:08 2002

Hello Kristy, Just watched your story on "E" last night. It was great hearing about how well you and Jimmy (James) are doing. Was trying to find the site "Planetview" and couldn't find it. I never met you, but met Jimmy while in Denver back in the early 80's at the International Athletic Club, and had called him once while in L.A. Just lost touch. I have thought of him often, and wondered how you two were really doing. (I don't do tabloids) He is such a sweetie. If I had ever had a brother, would have loved for it to have been him....wouldn't have minded having you for a sister also (not that I don't love my sis). You both are such wonderful people and wish you the best. Would also love to see a schedule for the band.....would love to hear you "live".

Love ya, Shannon

From: jana []
Date: Fri Feb 22 05:07:35 2002

I think Kristy Mcnichol is a remarkable human being for doing the things she has in her lifetime I wish her well in all that she does!!!

From: Kevin Johnson []
Date: Fri Feb 22 04:20:32 2002

I've always been in love with her face !!!

From: lisa bandt []
Date: Tue Feb 19 18:58:58 2002

brand new ion internet...glad to see kristy websight,,,like all of u,,,miss kristy's brilliant talent and star quality that is so rare these days...miss her big bother james also, but i read he is married now....well just wanted to let kris know that in 79 i was a junior h.s.student and won a phone call from her and james, but i wasn't home when they called so i never did get the chance to talk to them......oh well u can e-mail if u .... i am currently working for fedex, but will soon change jobs and use my cdl for construction job instead....if u wanna call i live in denver colorado 303-321-2376 or write me 3536 milwaukee st denver colorado 80205 would love to here or read anything that ensures me that u are getting this..thanks and god bless you and your family...i miss u alot.

From: Brian John []
Date: Wed Feb 13 20:38:57 2002

I'll always love you Christine


From: Jamie []
Date: Fri Feb 8 22:26:45 2002

Hi Kristy, Sure do miss those afternoon specials on tv . Those were the days !! Shawn Cassidy & Matt Dillion and many many more plastered all over my walls boy did my mother ever have fun trying to get all the tape off my walls but that was then and this is now . Many many memories ! Good to see you have a site thanks for the yrs ! Jamie from Wisconsin USA .

From: mary m []
Date: Wed Feb 6 04:48:28 2002

kristy you are the best

From: mary []
Date: Wed Feb 6 04:44:46 2002

i really all of movie when are you going to make more

From: pat davis []
Date: Wed Feb 6 04:43:16 2002

i really all of movie when are you going to make more

From: John Mullan []
Date: Sun Feb 3 20:56:53 2002

Ah, Kristy! Sure ye never knew the peace of old Dungiven. Nor, the good times at Mc Ilhenny's up in Germantown or around the corner at Frank Mc Nichol's pub. Was that your Mother's high school graduation picture atop the piano in Mc Ilhenneys? God knows, yer the same as the picture. So you had the "Mullan Curse" the depression.Here's the cure wee darlin'. From the tombstone of the old Irish poet W.B. Yeats. "Cast a cold eye on life, on death. Horseman pass by" Till we meet at last...Love, Your GreatGrandfather.

From: wes davis []
Date: Fri Feb 1 02:51:29 2002

Ive been a big fan of yours since you were in the tv show family as are very beautiful and I hope you are going to get into more tv or movies.luv u wes email#

From: Brian []
Date: Thu Jan 31 20:13:34 2002

I just want to say I love you baby.

From: Frank R. []
Date: Sat Jan 26 00:57:57 2002

Hello Kristie! I am a fan from Germany. Sorry, my English is not so perfect. I have myself into your 1. TV films with you falls in love, sorry, but like that that was even. We are almost of the same age, I are about 1 year younger than you. By Internet I saw again pictures only now from this time of you. 2 films particularly remained for me in memory: The White Dog and the film, where you played the Susan Berlinger, very much convincing! You played the roles in such a way erfrischend genuinly, super! Which you make now actually, have you in the TV already for a long time no more not seen. Do you have family? What makes your brother Jimmy, which I could see in many photos with you, now in such a way? When are you to be seen again in the TV? P.S. Your birthday to 11.9.01 was unfortunately not only for you a quite sad day, but also for me and that, good. Remainder of the world!!! Franc

From: []
Date: Wed Jan 16 02:55:42 2002

From: manuel castellano []
Date: Fri Jan 11 17:44:14 2002

hi,kristy please come back at the movies your friends from VENEZUELA I LOVE YOU

From: loraine []
Date: Mon Jan 7 03:10:23 2002

Just visited your site, brings back old memories. I have watched Kristy and Jimmy McNichol seems like forever (sort of growing up with them) Thanks for a wonderful site

From: Vanesa []
Date: Sat Dec 29 10:24:43 2001

Hi. Very nice homepage. Great work. You are beautiful. I like you. Have a nice day...*....

From: Brian John Mayer Baby It's You []
Date: Tue Dec 25 18:52:53 2001

God bless you and your relatives & ancestors this day and forever Kristy.

I truly love you baby girl.

I once made you a promise while you & I sat in your little sports car that I intend to keep, ~remember? (I told you I wasn't sure what was going to happen...)

Well, all that can and WILL be corrected in time sweetheart.

I have visions from the future. I hope that you have been given such wonderful visions as well.

For anyone else reading this, I apologize and wish everyone Peace.


From: Rebecca []
Date: Wed Dec 19 03:26:59 2001

I used to go to Peanuts in West Hollywood Years ago 1980=82 I remember seeing you there, I have always thought that you have a nice soul...

From: Ed Quin Tetter 01@aol []
Date: Sat Dec 15 19:31:11 2001

I am curious as to what she is doing these days and what part of the country does she live in. Also is she married ,any children. Please reply

From: Raúl Bacaro []
Date: Sat Dec 15 17:16:47 2001

I have always admired Kristy since The Family, and When the lights went out in Georgia, she's great.

From: Dianne & Ken []
Date: Mon Dec 3 03:49:35 2001

We have Sept. 11 birthdays also. What can we do for an anniversary, for the tragedy of Sept. 11. There are a multitude of people with our birth day. Perhaps we should do something to commemorate that horrible event, as a group.

From: Dorothy Little []
Date: Sun Dec 2 07:05:08 2001

I am so exciting about finding this website! I am a great fan of yours.I still have a scrapebook I made with pictures and articles about you. I also still have the 45 of you & Jimmy's song. You were someone I looked up to when I was a teenager.I knew we were the same age and your character just always seemed to relate to what was going on in my own life.I always felt that the "real" you was the sme sort of person. I truely hope you are doing well. Thank you for all that you have done. I miss seeing you. but I can certainly understand your need for a "normal life". Best wishes.

Date: Sun Dec 2 01:22:55 2001


From: Dianne L. Hoffman []
Date: Mon Nov 26 00:30:06 2001

From: Ed Hyndman []
Date: Thu Nov 22 13:58:17 2001

Hope you enjoy your new found LIFE!!! You deserve happiness!

Date: Thu Nov 22 07:28:57 2001


From: Gordon Brindell []
Date: Sun Nov 18 09:06:36 2001

I love you

Date: Thu Nov 15 20:02:03 2001



Date: Thu Nov 15 20:02:59 2001


Date: Tue Nov 13 10:49:38 2001



From: Roy Smith []
Date: Mon Nov 12 02:29:29 2001

Kristy McNichols has been, and still is, what I consider to be a great actress. I am 68 years young so I was able to follow her career until she faded out of sight. I have tried to get an autographed picture of her, but the letter came back undeliverable. If there is any way possible, it would do this heart a lot of good to be able to not only thank this young lady for sharing her great talent, beauty, and intelligence with not only myself, but the world, but to also obtain an personally autographed picture of her, to be able to frame and look at, at any time I wanted to. Thank you for this opportunity to share the way I feel and think about Ms Kristy.

From: Liz []
Date: Tue Nov 6 02:56:48 2001

Kristy, It's been a while since seeing you on tv. I hope you come back soon..You have sincerely been missed..Be happy and may god watch over you and your loved ones forever. Liz

From: Rob Besecker []
Date: Tue Nov 6 00:27:42 2001


I don't know if Kristy ever reads this or not. For what it is worth, I have seen many of her old movies and just recently watched the movie Little Darlings where you starred with Tatum O'neil and Matt Dillon. I have always thought you carried a great personality in your movies. I recently searched your name on the web and found out all this other information on you. Again, for what it is worth, I wish you the best now and forever.


From: Nikki []
Date: Tue Nov 6 00:22:25 2001

I was so glad to have found your website! I have always loved Kristy McNichol and I was wondering whatever became of her. Great website!

From: Kerry Lewis []
Date: Sat Nov 3 16:53:58 2001

Hi Kristy, I grew up in the same era as you and actually was told I looked like you throughout my younger years. I was glad to watch you on the E channel and see that you are doing well. I am a physical therapist and fitness trainer and recently went through similiar symptoms as those described on the show about you. I have been in the spotlight in a much different way as you in competing in athletics and racing my mountain bike and suddenly unable to perform. It has taken a while to understand what was happening to me and to actually have to take a step back and say no to a lot of events I would like to have been involved with. Anyway, enough about all this, take care of you and continue to do those things that are good for you! YOU'RE AWESOME! I don't have a homepage, I just left my email address!

From: nykole gonzaelz dont know []
Date: Wed Oct 31 02:21:28 2001

i think you are really great in acting. you are my fav. write to me when you have time. well got to go lots of homework bye (

From: Stephanie Vittorelli []
Date: Thu Oct 25 15:29:46 2001

Hey Kristy,

Just a little note to say hi. I'm 36 years old & grew up with you. When all my friends had posters of the Bay City Rollers, Shaun Cassidy plastered all over their walls, I had pictures of you. You helped me with such things as dating & doing what You feel is right, and I did & now I am in a 12 year relationship with the girl of my dreams, I also went through emotional problems making the ultimate decission to be happy. So Thank You very much. I still think about you often & I hope you have found happiness.

Sincerely, You fan forever,

Stephanie Vittorelli

From: jon castellan []
Date: Thu Oct 25 13:49:36 2001

dear Kristy how are you i hope you are safe im glad that you were not in NEWYork on the 11 of september after what those barsted did i don't know how you felt when you head the news but it shocked me pleace kristy with what s going on over their take very very careful care of yourself it wood realy hurt me if anything ever happened to you because you are very dear to me and all of your funs

From: Anita []
Date: Wed Oct 24 00:57:45 2001

Hello to Kristie.

From: mike gayler []
Date: Mon Oct 22 09:02:42 2001

Just wanted to say HI! and give my best wishes with the hope of health and happiness to America's sweetheart! I hope life treats you well and hope it will be kind to you. From one of your million's of fans who still love ya! MIKE GAYLER

From: Leslie Rice []
Date: Fri Oct 19 21:51:06 2001

Miss your acting career. Come to Wichita, Ks sometime and party with us...

From: tim preston []
Date: Wed Oct 10 02:30:22 2001

all the best to the one i love...truly.miss you! would love to be there for you in all that you do!the silence is to silent! love you always....tim

From: Me []
Date: Mon Oct 8 13:51:43 2001

words of love you whisper soft and true

darling i love you

From: beth ann greenwell []
Date: Sun Oct 7 17:56:13 2001

dear kristy mc nichol am in the special olympecs i have all kinds of goldmedles in my room am a special chrild am in softball and basketball and figerskating i would love to be special friends with you ok here is my fone n 1 - 502- 935- 7759 ask for beth ann greenwell i relly love you alot pleasy write me back soon your special friend beth ann greenwell

From: beth ann greenwell []
Date: Sun Oct 7 04:23:38 2001

dear kristy mc nichol how are you am fine my name is beth ann greenwell am in the special olympecs i have all kinds of goldmedles in my room am in softball and basketball and figerskating am a special chrild i would like to here from you ok pleasy send me a letter from you ok from beth ann

From: Greg L. []
Date: Sat Oct 6 19:33:51 2001

Yes, I've been here and I suport Kristy all the way! I've been a very Big Fan of hers from day one! I'm Glad she is Happy Now and had quit Acting. Kristy "I Love You" Your so Superb and you are always in my heart! Love, Greg. Milwaukee,WI

From: Mike Valentine []
Date: Thu Oct 4 15:28:15 2001

Hi, Kristy I really miss seeing you in the movies and on TV. I`ve been a huge fan of yours since "Family." I understand what you`ve been through, as I suffer from the same thing. I hope you are doing great, and I want to send my love and best wishes for the future. Take care, Mike

From: susandison []
Date: Tue Oct 2 14:50:03 2001

great site!

From: anne []
Date: Tue Oct 2 11:46:18 2001

hi i have a question for kristy..,, how old where you when you started in the movie 'champion a love story with brother jimmy? where can i get that movie?

From: Geroldine Chamberlin []
Date: Mon Oct 1 03:01:08 2001

I have been a fan of yours for over 20 years, now. In fact I named my daughter after you Kristy she is 16 years old, now. Her middle name is Michelle. I'm also maniac depressive and I'm still inspired by you. Geri

From: Anita Cummins []
Date: Mon Oct 1 00:03:10 2001

Hi Kristie Have you been in any movies lately I think you are just fabulous My e-mail is anitaand

Date: Sat Sep 29 04:52:51 2001

From: steve tengood []
Date: Sat Sep 29 04:46:29 2001

she is really cute

From: K. Shuler []
Date: Fri Sep 28 18:53:05 2001

Kristy, thanks for all the memories.........
From: charles james gary tipton []
Date: Fri Sep 21 20:36:48 2001

hi birthday girl ive been so busy coulcnt get your birthday info now i now sorry for the tragic inc on that day i prey for those people and there rel i love this site been researching you and getting pictures from my friends even when you died your hair blond really dif been a devoted fan since forever im 40 sorry about your friends mother your a hell of a person to be helping him and caring for her i went to la at 18 once just to see you and a man in a 7-11 store said you were in there sorry for all the disgusting things people right in your web sight im a stunt man ride bulls broncos teach martial arts im triing to jump a limo and be your limo driver some day with your permission but for safety sake its starting to look in posssible you look sensational in a police outfit and you made guest appearances on mod was the niebor or somsin anyway im originaly from calif and inherited and bought a victorian house in gods ctry missouri im opening a little antique store and have another business going i have 4 kids now and my wifes mother bought her a sep house so now im sep but ive always wanted to be married to you and love you with all my heart. hope to see you in person but youll have to kiss the sleeping prince to wake me because i would faint knowing your n#1 fan was kissed, i last saw you on t.v. on autobiographys where you were on the love boat and kissed scott baio lucky guy but i know youve had fun kissing others i hope to someday be a camera man /stuntman /actor and are paths meet i wish your wholw family well, and yes your the most gourgouse and carismatic actress of all in my book another shirly temple I hope you get this and ill make sure my mom a has some smelling salts ready if you right back your never seen before mystery fan love always and forever charles james gary tipton

From: Rick Brodie []
Date: Fri Sep 21 07:29:54 2001

Hello, It's Me!


You're Still the One (4-Me),*Rick*

From: nadine dunphy []
Date: Wed Sep 12 23:44:37 2001

I really enjoyed watching you on family and I hope it comes back on t.v.

From: Rick Brodie []
Date: Wed Sep 12 04:13:26 2001

Hi, Kris:-}

I just want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I sorry that the events that happened here in New York, happened on you birthday. I wish they hadn't happened at all.

I wish you all the best. I miss seeing you ( on screen). I pray that you are doing well. God bless you and you loved ones always.

Love, Rick

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