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From: Brian John []
Date: Tue Sep 11 14:19:05 2001

'Don't Give Up On Us' -David Soul

(Det. Ken Hutchinson)

From: Brian John []
Date: Tue Sep 11 14:11:03 2001



From: Chris Polk []
Date: Tue Sep 11 06:38:49 2001

I have been a life long fan of Kristy. I think she has the most hipnotic smile. I hope she is well and that she is happy. I have loved the movies she's been associated with, The movies have left me with alot of memories and timelines in my life. Thanks Kristy, you are truly a beautifully special person how has touched alot of people world wide.

CP in Tennessee

From: J Cubberley []
Date: Mon Sep 10 05:10:27 2001

From: kim []
Date: Thu Sep 6 08:49:40 2001

Kristy, If you read this I have enjoyed you for nearly 25 years. I really don't know all what to say, everything I start sounds silly. I loved He's so fine, your movies and you kicked butt in battle of network stars. I am now just going back to school, so I am in a new adventure. I know you like Hawaii and I was wondering if you lived on Oahu in Hawaii Kai? If so, we may have met many moons ago. If this sounds familiar, please e-mail me at I would like to tell you how much your kindness meant to me.

God Bless, Kim :)

From: Tonya Warren []
Date: Thu Aug 30 19:04:20 2001

I have always watched Kristy even from a teenager myself I have enjoyed her acting she is the best. my favorit movie would have to be The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia with Dennis. The next movie would have to be Little Darlings. From a teenager I have loved this movie and I still watch it today and Im 30.

From: Amanda Adams []
Date: Fri Aug 24 13:53:36 2001

Kristy, I have watched all of your movies, and also Empty Nest, I love Little Darlins' and also the Nights the Lights Went Out in Georgia. You are a wonderful actresses, the talent and ability to make people just love you. Congratulations!!

From: C. 'CAZZ' McClellan []
Date: Tue Aug 21 15:25:15 2001

Hope to see ya onscreen again!! Take care!!

From: B []
Date: Sun Aug 19 17:33:04 2001

LFO - Girl On t.v. ~lyrics

(click on link)

From: Josie []
Date: Sun Aug 19 14:33:04 2001

Hi Kristy, Love you lots, have always been a fan, all the way from Australia. May you have good health, happiness and heaps of luck. josie. oxoxoxoxo

From: Bart R. Jowers []
Date: Sat Aug 18 08:24:42 2001

Hey John, I was just out doing some Kristy surfing and found your site just cruising right along: your guest book alone is killer. I wish I had this many entries in mine! By the way Kristy, if you're reading this, I really like your new site too.


From: Michael PiWood@VegasValley.Com []
Date: Tue Aug 14 18:53:02 2001

Hello there Kristy! It appears you have quite the following! 1962 is a great year, Its also mine! You need to slow down, sit down, take a deep breath, and change your path. New friends, different atmosphere, enjoy life. I don't want anything from you, but I will help you if you want it, I'm not a crazy, or a looney, nor a threat. Its not easy and very scary to make changes thats no lie, But if you don't things will remain the same, or worsten trust me, been there done that, don't plan on a re-visit. Anyway if you read this, I hope you do, look out your window look into the sky, No I'm not wierd, think about it! Its your dicsion, regardless what you decide I wish you free and well Love Mike

From: James Gregory Heavilin Email: Kwahnume@yahoo.con []
Date: Mon Aug 13 22:42:57 2001

I remember her in the old Battle of the Network Stars, cute youngster, cuter adult, good luck to her!

From: Carol Bedard []
Date: Mon Aug 13 01:36:30 2001

Hi Kristy...I just watched you today in the movie...The night the lights went out in's been a long time since I've seen you in anything and I got wondering what had happened to you. Hope you plan on being in more films, as you were a part of my childhood...we sorta grew up together and one of my all time favorite movies was little darlings. It was good seeing you on t.v. again...take care and best wishes...Carol Bedard

From: J.Jatsy []
Date: Sun Aug 12 23:02:06 2001

Nice site. Never knew there was so much out there on Kristy. Kristy helped me through the adolesent years if you get my drift (little darlings) LOL

From: Al Genevois []
Date: Sat Aug 11 00:41:35 2001

Woah! First of all, I didn't know there were other Dutch fans of Ms McNichol, and second of chose a Todd Rundgren song for your guestbook?! Awesome!! hehe Anyway I would just like to compliment you on your awesome website, keep up the good work!

PS: Oh and if (I say *if*) Kristy herself ever comes across this message while surfin the net I'd just like to say...uhm...well we miss ya, hope you're doing alright and stuff, would love to play tennis with ya sometime, although I heard you're pretty good, and I do kinda suck at it *grin* ....or maybe record a song together? (I'm a musician)

email me @

From: marina []
Date: Mon Aug 6 02:32:37 2001

HI I remember watching Kristy on Family during the 70's and early 80's I always liked her.Years later I liked watching her on Empty Nest and yes I also do remember her brother Jimmy,and all the times she and her brother apeared on Teen magazines such as Teen Beat and Tiger Beat! by the way I like the music for this guestbook!

Thanks for the memories kristy Love Marina-34 Vancouver,BC.Canada

From: Michael A. Lee []
Date: Thu Aug 2 02:59:04 2001

Hi Kristy. I have always been a big fan of yours. I was born only one day after you. Best wishes. Michel

From: Lynne []
Date: Thu Aug 2 01:24:15 2001

Wow, awesome. Thanks so much for sharing and the clarity of the pictures is superb. Best, Lynne

From: Miss Debora Gean Gaut Kristy Mcnichol en ik guestbook []
Date: Tue Jul 31 06:25:38 2001

Dear Kristy Mc nichol, Hi!! there an hope you got this e.mail ok! did you? I do love you in all of your Movies you are play in it!! an also, I'm am one of your FanClub too. so, anyway, here my home address is Debora G. Gaut 3004 Charlotte eve. Jackson, MI. zip. 4902

so, take care!! your from Miss Debora G. Gaut an may god bless you all the way!!! hear from you soon. bye now!!!! Smile!!!!!!!!!! oh, my e.mail is, I Love you Kristy!!!!!

From: Shari Weller shariskitty.dejazze.dolm []
Date: Tue Jul 31 03:16:11 2001

hi, I really didn't even know that Kristy took over the part of Patrica on Apples Way, but she did really good. I love her in the show Family. I use to watch that show all the time. I even saw her on Empty Nest as Carol or Barbra one of the two anyway. but I hope that whatever she is doing she still has a lot of her fans thinking about her. thanks.

From: kurt []
Date: Sat Jul 28 20:04:33 2001

good stuff

From: Allison []
Date: Sat Jul 28 06:49:43 2001

Hi all. I saw Kristy summer of 2000, playing the slots in Nevada. I waved to her, and she smiled her sweet smile and waved back. My friends wouldn't believe me, but I "knew" it was Kristy! She was wearing a baseball cap, and it would be so cool if I could somehow prove to my friends that I am not wacko! Kristy and Jimmy were "favs" of mine, back in the day!

From: Amy Williams []
Date: Thu Jul 26 16:24:04 2001

Hi there! I just wanted to compliment you on your great website!

My name is Amy, and last night I had a dream with Kristy McNichol in it. It was so bizarre because during the years that she played on Family, I was only about 3 years old. I can recall watching a special on TV for the release of the John Travolta film, Saturday Night Fever. I recall Kristy singing a duet with Andy Gibb on this special, but I may be wrong. This was something that I mentioned to Kristy in the dream--Perhaps she was really on the special? After all, I watched it when I was only about age 3. Or maybe the duet was sung with someone other than Andy Gibb? I noticed it is not on her biography page, though, in any case.

Anyway, great work on your site and best of luck to you! Maybe one day you will get to meet Kristy in real life! I'm sure she would be honored for all the hard work you put into this tribute!


From: Elly [pppin30.max-montabaur.rz-online.NET]
Date: Wed Jul 25 00:54:35 2001

Hi Kristy,

I am not sure if you'll ever read this but it doesn't really matter. The only thing i want to say is thank you. Thank you for being there during my teenage years.

A fan from Germany

From: [werygod] []
Date: Mon Jul 23 08:45:44 2001

Does anyone know where to find some pictures of Park Overall. And it´s sad that Kristy got her depressive problems, she was a great actor and I would had loved to see her perform in many more roles.

Greetings from Sweden

From: Kim []
Date: Sat Jul 21 07:44:33 2001

Hi there, I was just doing a search on Teen idols from my generation and I found your page. I was searching for Jimmy McNichol pictures, songs, anything I could get my hands on.... Do you have any info on him?? If so please email it to me at I sure would appreciate it, I was so "in Love" with him as a young girl and to be honest , when I think of him yet, I still get all goofy.. LOL

From: Maloy []
Date: Wed Jul 18 08:03:26 2001

Just wondering where Kristy is. And how she's doing. I'm from the philippines I used to watch her in "Empty Nest"

From: Alexander Lerman []
Date: Mon Jul 16 21:54:02 2001

Great pictures! Its nice to see her again after all these years! I was a huge fan. Thanks.


From: rachel Haspray []
Date: Wed Jul 11 21:28:29 2001

Ive been a fan of Kristys for a very long time and followed her career through the highs and lows its a shame she never got the true recognition she deserved and became as huge a star as the likes of Jodie Foster. I wish her well in whatever she is doing now!

From: Bonnie Roper []
Date: Sat Jul 7 05:16:28 2001

i grew up watching Kristy Mcnichol and have often wondered what happened to her once she left Empty Nest. I have really enjoyed this site.

From: Bill []
Date: Fri Jul 6 01:08:00 2001

I was on a whale watching cruse in Maui in January with Kristy and a friend of hers. She was wearing a fishing type hat and sun glasses and it was very hard to make her out at first. As a matter of fact the boat Caption had to give her away for me to even really tell. She was very cool, reserved and really was enjoying her self. She later had no problem posing for photos with other guests.

Date: Wed Jul 4 08:22:32 2001



From: gary []
Date: Tue Jul 3 12:16:37 2001

kristy I wont say my name,because you will no me.anyway we both spent alot of time on the same lot and I liked you then and I still do today. I hope your feeling better. tell Jim I will call him soon. and please take care of yourself. bye Kris

From: steve varney []
Date: Sun Jul 1 18:51:36 2001


Great tribute to a very fine lady with an amazing inside beauty to match her outside beauty.Thanks again from texas.

From: JIM COOK []
Date: Tue Jun 26 09:02:11 2001

Always a fan !!!!!!!!!

From: Lorrie []
Date: Mon Jun 25 16:08:34 2001

loved the tour!

From: Teresa []
Date: Sun Jun 24 18:16:49 2001

Kristy, I dont know if you'll ever actually read this, but I just had to sign anyway! I feel as though we "grew up" together..I have always admired your style and I hope to see you in another role sometime soon. You are truly a talented and wonderful actress. Teresa in NC

From: Earl P. Smith []
Date: Sun Jun 24 07:03:13 2001

These pictures are making me so hot, I am not sure I can contain myself, oopps there it goes... must clean up... got to go.. and by the way say hi to jon 2 for me

From: Patricia Thorson []
Date: Sun Jun 24 04:46:47 2001

Hi Kristy, Just saw you on ET. Wanted to tell you that you are great. Hang in there. Lovely lady. Love, Patricia in Washington State

From: Tyrone Quin []
Date: Sat Jun 23 23:30:06 2001

Interesting page.

From: kaspar gurl []
Date: Sat Jun 23 18:12:55 2001

cool website!!!!!!!!!!

kaspar gurl!!!!!!!

From: Gypsy Lee []
Date: Fri Jun 22 04:38:25 2001

Hey John,

Great website! Good job! ;-> ;-> ;->

From: Kathy []
Date: Wed Jun 20 01:52:01 2001

gee, i really don't know if you still read your guestbook but i just want to drop by to tell you that you got a fan in Cali. I don't know all, because i am only 18 right now and the year is 2001. - you look pretty.

From: robyn []
Date: Wed Jun 20 01:06:39 2001

I love her acting.My hubby is m/d too

From: brent cormier []
Date: Sat Jun 16 20:35:01 2001

Hi Kristy, Ive been a fan since you were in FAMILY. Just wanted to wish you well and hope to see you again in the movies or on TV.

From: gaku []
Date: Thu Jun 14 18:06:45 2001

i came from Japan. thanks you.

From: me []
Date: Mon Jun 11 20:26:16 2001

Hi, I grew up with Kristy McNichol. Not personally, but she was on the screen. As I was growing up, she is a terrific actress. And, when I saw Lost in Space, I was amazed that Lacey Chalbert, reminded me of Kristy. I was wondering if she was her daughter. An awesome resemblence.

From: Linda Rhinehart []
Date: Sun Jun 10 20:40:30 2001

I have been a fan of Kristy McNichol's since I was 11 years old. I have collected a lot on her. I have almost every movie that she was in. I've liked watching her since she was on Family. I just wanted to let her know this.

From: Jim Mix []
Date: Wed Jun 6 09:25:10 2001



also check two websites honoring Kristy and (sounds familar)

From: Allen R Becker []
Date: Wed Jun 6 04:28:21 2001

I would like to say thank you to her for all that she has done. She is a great person. I work for the fire service in Virginia. And we love her work. Allen

From: Patrick Griffin []
Date: Tue Jun 5 07:41:55 2001

Date: Sun Jun 3 17:44:14 2001

KRISTY,I have always been a big fan of yours, I hope you get a chance to act again some day, if not I understand,I too have had related problems! GOOD LUCK AL

From: sissy []
Date: Thu May 31 20:02:33 2001


From: Dlehman []
Date: Sun May 27 07:25:30 2001

I do not wish to be be rude...but perhaps there should be a reminder that when people write into this questbook they are not writing directly to Kristy McNichol. She is not reading these messages.

From: Leticia Lawrence []
Date: Wed May 23 17:53:29 2001

Wow, I am so excited to find this page. I have been a big Kristy McNichol fan since Family. I would love to see her acting again soon.

From: Stacey Scarso []
Date: Tue May 22 15:37:25 2001

Kristy..... You are a great actress!! Loved you in Empyt Nest. Great Smile :0) Hope to see more of you on the tube soon. Hang in there and take care always. "If life offers you to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance"


From: sky blue hope []
Date: Mon May 21 22:51:54 2001

Hey, cool site, and cool pics. I used to love Kristy as a teenager. I am a 37 year old lesbian, I live in New Jersey.

I write poetry and stuff, play guitar, I post regularly on message boards, and write an astrology section on one of them. I love kd lang, but used to love Kristy Mc Nichol, and stumbled across this out of curiousity.

How about a message board section?

From: isabel. []
Date: Mon May 7 13:14:03 2001

Just wanted to say that i've enjoyed the articles and photos i've seen of Kristy McNichol. I was watching "Little Darlings" today on cable and remembered watching Kristy on t.v. when i was growing up. It took me a way back. I actually watched the hit t.v. show Empty Nest and thought it was pretty funny. I wish that it would have stayed on a bit longer though. I wish her much success in the future and hope to see her on t.v. soon. Sincerly, isabel.

From: karl lusk []
Date: Mon May 7 03:26:13 2001

saw a mouie you did ,made me look at life diffrent gave me hope thank you have a wonderful life

From: Timothy Erunski []
Date: Mon Apr 30 04:16:14 2001

Let me try this again. Sorry for the mistakes. Best wishes to Kristy and as I tried to say before I am proud we share the same age and birthday. Sincerely,Tim. (If you can fix or delete the other message I would feel alot better.) Thanks.

From: Timothy Erunski []
Date: Mon Apr 30 03:49:24 2001

I am so glad to be able to send you a message. I know you have been through so much. I wish you health, happiness, and success. I would also proud of the fact that I am also 38 years old and my birthday is September 11,1962. Sincerely, yuor friend Tim.

From: Trish n/a []
Date: Mon Apr 30 01:03:39 2001

After seeing a short update about Kristy on Entertainment Tonight, it brought tears to my eyes to hear she suffers from Bipolar disease too. I have been struggling with my Bipolar diagnosis for so long. To see someone as wonderful, beautiful and courageous as her survive it, was an inspiration to me.

I don't know if you will ever see this, Kristy, but I wanted to say "Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" just in case you did.

From: Wendy Harvey []
Date: Sun Apr 29 19:51:26 2001

I have been a tremendous fan of Kristy McNichol for years. I miss seeing her on television and in the movies. I have even been told by many people on several occasions that I look like Kristy McNichol.

From: robert wilcox []
Date: Sun Apr 29 09:42:58 2001

kristy mcnichol will forever have a very special place in my heart.many a time when i was feeling down,all i would have to do was see her on television and for a brief moment -all of my problems would disappear..imy lifelong dream is to someday meet her in person and tell her how much of an inspiration she is to me...she has overcome adversity over and over in her life and everytime she comes fighting back and i admire my dreamgirl for that alone and if i could just meet her just once and have lunch with her ,then my life would be complete but it,s nice to dream i guess so i,ll just continue to admire kristy from afar and maqybe by the grace of god ,i will get to meet her(KRISTY) someday but until that day comes, i will continue to hold her imagew in my heart in a very special place..thank you for allowing me to share this with you and if you ever see kristy ,please tell her that she has a special place in a new yorkers heart.

From: robert wilcox []
Date: Sun Apr 29 09:30:21 2001

i,ve been a fan and loyal admirer of kristy mcnichol ever since i first saw her in the tv show family and i used to fantasize about being her boyfriend and taking long walks on the beach at night. i still get warm and flushed all over when ever i see a picture of my dream girl and i can also relate to her emotional situation as well because i have a similar condition myself but it has been dormant for 4 years(KNOCK ON WOOD)and when i feel myself feeling anxious ,i take a valium and i,m fine in about 30 minutes after i take it.

From: Judy []
Date: Sat Apr 28 00:54:02 2001

I am a big fan of yours

From: Brian John Mayer []
Date: Wed Apr 25 11:56:58 2001

The link above has 8 different K Mc movie trailers.

Today I am returning to L.A. California in hopes that someday I can see and hopefully be friends with the woman I love.



From: Lynne []
Date: Wed Apr 25 00:57:36 2001

Awesome. Thank you for sharing!

From: maria ehrhardt []
Date: Tue Apr 24 09:51:03 2001

hope to see kristy in some more acting roles i think she is a fantastic actress

From: debbie morrell i dont have a homepage... sorry.. []
Date: Mon Apr 23 16:45:24 2001

i have been a big fan of kristy's for years. i have been told that i look like her since i was in junior high school, back in the 70's... i m a 37 yr old mom with 2 kids. i m not a identical twin of kristy's but i have always taken it as the best compliment possible. if u would like to write back... feel free... or fan forever, debbie morrell

From: Debbie Henry []
Date: Fri Apr 20 21:36:55 2001

I've always liked Kristy as an actress. And heard she had been ill. And I just wondered how she was feeling.

From: David Campbell []
Date: Wed Apr 18 08:09:54 2001

I have to tell eveyone that I loved Kristy sooo much in elementary school that i used to tell everyone she was my cousin!!! LOL Then i met someone who's cousin was dating Kristy for a short time , damn but I never got to meet her !!! would love too!! Hi Kristy! ;)

From: retrogurl []
Date: Tue Apr 17 16:13:41 2001

Hey... I appreciate anyone who keeps their page as updated as you do! I have a disco/late-seventies page that I maintain. I've got a zainy passion for keeping links up-to-date and it looks as though your page on Kristy is here to stay! She's one <font face="gigi" size="4" color="purple">Groovy Chick</font>, and a sweetie too boot. Great work!

From: karletta dusenburry []
Date: Sat Apr 14 04:49:46 2001

I have enjoyed everything that you've been in. I just want to thank you for growing up with me. I just wish you would perform agine. THANK-YOU. For the memmories.

From: Mark Schaffer []
Date: Tue Apr 10 18:30:57 2001

Kristy has been one of my favorites for the past 25 years! I am ready for her next comeback.

From: Dawn []
Date: Sun Apr 8 23:29:59 2001

I`ve always loved kristy,iused to fight for the tv when FAMILY came on. I went to see LITTLE DARLING`S about 20 times just to see her.I guess I`ve never figured out what it is about her that mesmerises me,but I know that she is beautiful on the outside,and Ifeel that is also true on the inside.Thats whats makes her so special to me.I have alittle bear that Inamed KRISTY more that 20 years ago,just because I love her!

From: Ginger Andrews []
Date: Wed Apr 4 14:42:43 2001

Grew up with Kristy. Watched all of the shows she was in. Watch reruns of Starsky and Hutch, have seen her episodes again.

From: Bettanne Lomander []
Date: Tue Apr 3 23:07:18 2001

I am a Swedish girl, born Dec 6, 1962. In 1979 I was diagnosed as a manic depressive. Before that, living in Canada, I loved every minute of watching "Family" and anything else where Kristy appeared...i felt like a kindred spirit without knowing why....Now I know! I have gradually gotten better but life is sometimes a real struggle. I love you, Kristy, and hope you have a good life!

From: christopher curtis []
Date: Sat Mar 31 20:59:47 2001

Dear kristy: just thought I'd drop off a letter to you and see how you are doing hope all's ok with you and your friends and family. What are the chances of getting an new autographed picture of you to add to the ones that I have from your fan club.



From: Ron Castro []
Date: Sat Mar 31 20:23:23 2001

Hi Kristy,

My name is Ron Castro. I was born and raised in Southern California. I have also been an actor (though not professionaly) since I can remember. I used to dream of being able to co-star with you in a movie! I had big dreams, but why not? Honestly, looking back, I realize that all my life all I wanted to do was "the right thing." Though I was never exactly sure what that was. I had a strong sense of the importance of being good. Trouble was I couldn't do it. At the age of 20 I already knew I was a sinner and not getting any better. I always thought God would only want me if I was good. So, I kinda wrote Him off and hoped that one day, when I would die, that He'd be merciful and let me in to heaven. When I was twenty and confused, a friend told me about Jesus. Like most people, I had heard of Jesus all my life and thought, "so what? Where is He?" I thought I knew all about God, or at least all I needed to know. But I also felt empty inside. "There must be something more to life than what I'm experiencing", I thought. I saw in my friend something I wanted for myself, a surety, a peace...hard to describe as issues of the heart often are. One day, in a time of sharing my problems with this friend, she challenged me. "Why don't you give Jesus a chance to help you?" But why would He want to help me? He is so holy, and I'm, well, I'm not." "But He wants you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE." Wow, that hit me like a ton of bricks. I left her house and thought on that for about an hour parked out in front of her house. Could it be true? If there is a God, does He really love me the way I am? Will He really accept me as is? It seemed I'd spent my whole life trying to be something I wasn't to please other people or my own sense of how I thought I should be. But Jesus, she said, would love me as is. I wrestled with these thoughts until finally, mostly out of not knowing what else to do, I looked up at the stars outside my VW window, and audibly spoke, "God...Jesus...if you are there like they say you are, and you really want me the way I am...then, here I am. Take me. Do with me whatever You want. Only, please, do something. Show me you're real." That was a major turning point for me. I wouldn't realize it until later, but that was the point when God entered my heart for good. Only much later did I start attending a church and reading the Bible. There I found a description for what had happened to me. There is so much more, but I won't go into all that here. However, I will say that from that day on my life changed courses. Today, I am a missionary in Russia! The actor who wanted to be famous has been serving with a local Christian church in a city about 4 hours outside of Moscow for almost nine years. I still love acting and occasionally have opportunity to do that. But now I have something, someone, much bigger and satisfying to live for - Jesus. I don't know why I'm writing all this to you. I have no idea where you are at in spiritual things, but for some reason I have often felt led to pray for you and, now, to write. May God truly reveal Himself to you in a way that is real and life changing. Ron.

From: John Cochran []
Date: Sat Mar 31 07:10:22 2001

I have been a fan of Kristy's since the mid 70's. I know I will probably will never meet or talk to her so this website will be the next best thing.

From: Susan Pizzini none []
Date: Fri Mar 30 00:58:44 2001

Please check out this website about the Nokota horses.

From: Anita Cummins Cumminsneen@aol,com []
Date: Fri Mar 30 00:23:01 2001

Hi Kristy: Just wanted to tell you that I am an avid movie and t.v. fan. Guess I have probably seen them all classic old movies new movies t.v. movies and specials and to m you are one of the greatest if not THE GREATEST of all times. Would love to see another show with you as tge star. Neen(my nickname)

From: Anita Cummins Cumminsneen@aol,com []
Date: Fri Mar 30 00:21:16 2001

Hi Kristy: Just wanted to tell you that I am an avid movie and t.v. fan. Guess I have probably seen them all classic old movies new movies t.v. movies and specials and to mt you are one of tge greatest if not THE GREATEST of all times. Would love to see another show with you as tge star. Neen(my nickname)

From: Pam Munson []
Date: Wed Mar 28 19:37:35 2001

this is a nice web site for Kristy. I can't seem to find an official site where a fan can send Kristy an e-mail.

From: Helge Wilken []
Date: Mon Mar 26 23:48:12 2001

Dear Kristy!

Sorry that my english is very bad - I`m nearly 40 years old and I learn it at school.

I`m a great fan of you for more than 20 years! Many years I look in the internet for a sign about you - and now I find it. Fantastic!!!!

Please send me an email if you see my mail!!


Your great fan from the northseacoast (Ostfriesland) in germany Helge is not my homepage - I make it in the month. This is my e-mail-adress!

From: Tabitha Cosentino []
Date: Mon Mar 26 21:19:33 2001

Need a friend I am a good listener. I am only 30 and I haave experianced the worst already 3 of my children have past over, my parents past 5 yrs ago, I have had numerous abusive relationships, so you see I have had alittle bit of it all plus I am bi and no knows it so it can only get better. life is a beutiful thing and there is too much buety out thier to be depressed. e-mail me

From: Tabitha Cosentino []
Date: Mon Mar 26 20:49:19 2001

I have been a fan ever since I can remember. I truely admire Kristy. I played softball for the spoilers and I got the honor to meet Khrisy's aunt Holly, I also have mutual friends in common with her. If I could have one magical moment in my life I would just like the pleasure to meet Khristy in person or just recieve an e-mail from her would be satisfying enough. thanks Tabitha.C. (

From: Tabitha Cosentino []
Date: Mon Mar 26 20:48:55 2001

I have been a fan ever since I can remember. I truely admire Kristy. I played softball for the spoilers and I got the honor to meet Khrisy's aunt Holly, I also have mutual friends in common with her. If I could have one magical moment in my life I would just like the pleasure to meet Khristy in person or just recieve an e-mail from her would be satisfying enough. thanks Tabitha.C. (

From: Tabitha Cosentino Vallejo Times Herald Newspaper []
Date: Mon Mar 26 20:43:29 2001

I have been a fan ever since I can remember. I truely admire Kristy. I played softball for the spoilers and I got the honor to meet Khrisy's aunt Holly, I also have mutual friends in common with her. If I could have one magical moment in my life I would just like the pleasure to meet Khristy in person or just recieve an e-mail from her would be satisfying enough. thanks Tabitha.C. (

From: []
Date: Mon Mar 26 12:22:55 2001

From: paula []
Date: Mon Mar 26 00:55:13 2001

I think Kristy is a terrific talent. I just rewatched Little Darlings on tv again. Any time I see anything on with her in it I tune in. I never missed watching the series Family, mainly due to Kristy. She brings out the maternal instinct in me. When I see her cry (in her performances) it makes me want to hold her and tell her everything will be okay. I am 56, the mother of three and grandmother of two. I know we each have challenges in our lives to face, and if we struggle through we will gain strength. I hope for you a brilliant future, in acting or whatever else you chose. Would someday love to meet you, although I probably would be at a loss for words if I did. Your preformances are always outstanding and believable. Be happy & keep the faith.

From: Tyrone <> []
Date: Thu Mar 22 23:42:17 2001

(fantasy actress) Every line has been said. F*cking has been done before. All thats left is malicious contempt for great men and women, and for lovers. All those who disappoint and withhold from us. Teasing and taunting us when we really need to be relieved of our axious desires. They want the celebrity to pose for their dream sketches about reality. And in the hour of our unsteadyness, and worry; they shake their heads at us, and grin to one another. So to punish them, we become stronger against their impressions. We hate the director, and the writer. We maintain hatred. An impersonal version of respect continually goes out before us. We give congradulations to those who have shamed us. They have no noble impressions of their cinema creations which we star in. Though respect is often demanded it is never given. Not without sacrifices. While many complain about the system, we all love propaganda. And therefore, if media kings ever began to actually have respect us for helping them lie to everyone on the planet. Love us for that? respect us for that? Oh sh*t: we would think they had gone and turned human again. we would laugh in their faces.

From: []
Date: Wed Mar 21 04:26:35 2001

From: Rae []
Date: Wed Mar 14 05:06:13 2001

i have loved this woman for most of my life. i can't believe that i found this site. i vow to visit daily!! i love kristy mcnichol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Brian John []
Date: Mon Mar 12 19:22:14 2001

If anyone would care to say something, I can be reached at the email address above.

I am still here at the LA VA, and have I-net access during working hours Monday thru Friday.

From: richard schmidt []
Date: Sun Mar 11 21:58:37 2001

kristy, ive enjoyed all the work you have done, im 37 years old and feel like i grew up watching you, from family to your movies and just want to say thank you ! i had the maddest crush on you when i was a teenager!!! anyway hope everything is going good at teaching the new leaders of our country ha ha .... hope you have a moment to drop me an e-mail, that would be so special!! good luck and god bless your fan , richard schmidt bye!

From: Brian []
Date: Fri Mar 9 19:42:29 2001

I apologize for my skeptic behavior and writing. I realize that I have seemed a bit overboard.

You have such a wonderful smile.

From: Brian John Mayer --Los Angeles, CA []
Date: Wed Mar 7 23:26:24 2001

I have been here in Los Angeles for almost five weeks... However, I admitted myself into the Veterans' Hospital the very first night, and I did this for good reason(s).

I will be getting discharged out of the Hospital in the somewhat near future.

Life can be a Beach

(You know I totally respect you, and wish for your well-being, now and forever.)




****I LOVE you

From: David D. Baker []
Date: Tue Mar 6 09:35:47 2001

Kristy , hi again .... Hope u r well and can make a comeback soon !!!! I miss you on the big and small screen ! Family was great i grew up along with you. Can't believe the years have passed so fast ... My prayers are with you , as they r for all women and children in the world ..... life can so unfair ! Hope u have control of your depression , I wish you the best always, from one of your BIGGEST FANZ , Love Dave

From: David D. Baker []
Date: Tue Mar 6 09:19:45 2001

Kristy , wish u make a movie soon. I think u r a wonderful actress...... i've been looking for someone like u all my life ..... take care Kristy , Love a big fan Dave

From: Chris no homepage []
Date: Mon Mar 5 12:24:51 2001

Dear Kristy. First of all may I apologise that I won’t be confessing my undying love for you and my desperate need to meet you so that you can also fall madly in love with me. (At least that should be a relief!) I wouldn’t exactly call myself a ‘fan’ either. However, over this past week you have become a very important part of my life, and I seem to have this need to write about it, to get it out in the open. I promise I’ll try to keep it short. When I was at primary school in England, I was never ‘in’ with the ‘in’ crown of other boys. I used to dream of playing with the girls (playgrounds were not mixed in those days) and realised a few months ago (quite a shock to me at the age of 39!) that this was because in some ways I actually wanted to be one of the girls. At the age of 11 I was then sent to a boy’s grammar school. The seven years that followed we pure hell for me, but I believed I deserved no better. Again, until recently I never understood why I felt so alone. Now I realise in some ways I felt like the only girl there. I pushed myself to work hard to gain some approval from my father (he has always resented my being around – I’m afraid I envy people like you who’s fathers left at an early age) and to please my mum. As you’ve said yourself, all children do. But my mother had such unmet emotional needs from the death of her mother when she was a child - she immediately had to be ‘mother’ to her younger brother and sister and had no time to grieve herself - that all my childhood I played the adult ‘husband’s’ role of emotional support. I just couldn’t upset her. I allowed everybody else to control my life and perceived myself as totally powerless. Somehow I kept my pain and despair buried inside me until I left school at 18, when depression overtook me. I have struggled with this ever since, swinging from being totally immobilised to occasionally feeling like I could conquer the world. It’s a sorry tale of self-pity and self-abuse that nobody would want to read about. The one big break in my life was finding my ‘other half’. Corny phrase but I can only say that, in the case of my wife, it’s true. Nevertheless, and despite the arrival of our super daughters, underneath it all I have continued to see myself as worthless, useless, and deserving nothing but the worst crap life can throw at me. I saw the film ‘Little Darlings’ many years ago and have never quite forgotten the spark of recognition I felt inside me at watching you, even though I didn’t understand why at the time. I have kept an eye open for the film since then, but since I thought it was called ‘Little Angels’ it’s hardly surprising I never came across it! Then three years ago my mother died. This was the most traumatic thing that has happened to me. Since then things have begun to change, but if I go into that this letter will never come to an end. A year ago I cut off all contact with my father, and I am finally beginning to find out who I am. Perhaps this, at last, is the time for me. All my life I could never admit to anyone – even myself - that my head was in such a mess (psychological problems were considered a lot if nonsense and just an excuse for being lazy in my family). Then a week ago you came bubbling up into my mind and I thought I’d take a look on the internet. It took a while as I didn’t even know how to spell your name (I know - flattery will get me nowhere!). Then this website turned up. To my surprise this little known actress (you – sorry) had an army of fans! And what I had assumed to be a virtually unknown film, everyone was raving about. It was good to see your face again, too, after so many years. I read some of the magazine articles about you having to stop filming in France and your understanding of the reasons for that. Except that I never had the self-belief to make it into the acting profession (even though I love acting), so much of what you were quoted as saying (I hope it was at least fairly accurate) was like unsaid words coming out of my own mouth. It even seems your search for your sexuality has also not been totally straightforward. I hope it doesn’t sound too fanciful to say that I think I now understand why I connected with you in your acting. Who you are inside came through. So, why am I writing? Well, perhaps there is just the slightest possibility you might read this, and it’s my only chance to say thank you. So here we go. Thank you. And even less likely, if you had a moment to email me that would be great. I’m Total confidence assured - you have my word. Take care. Live life. A warm handshake across the miles. Chris.

From: chris []
Date: Mon Mar 5 00:58:33 2001

I always been a fan of yours...I especially liked your character in "Little Darling". I think it reminds me of a girl I used to know or something.Later.CHM

From: JainaSolo []
Date: Sat Mar 3 04:11:39 2001

Awesome site. Kristy was great in Summer of My german soldier. thanks for the cool site!

From: Christopher Curtis. blackeaglesoars @ []
Date: Thu Mar 1 20:53:53 2001

Chritina Ann McNichol as I live and breath I can't believe I finally found you on the internet. Sure do miss seeing you on tv or in the movies, sure hope you are in good health and all is good with the family.

From: stephen wood []
Date: Wed Feb 28 17:03:09 2001

Where are you now? Hope you make a comeback soon.Lots of love.

From: Nakia Childs []
Date: Tue Feb 27 20:39:54 2001

I'm a big fan of yours and I'm so glad that you have a web site I've printed all your pictures and I have every movie and sit com on video

From: Jesper Dinkelberg []
Date: Tue Feb 27 20:25:18 2001

Hello cristey! i come from the netherlands and i enjoy Emty Nest everey day,thank you for all!!!

From: M.A.Quintana []
Date: Sat Feb 24 19:10:09 2001

Hello there Kristi, I'm from country of philippines, I really like your movie "Pirate movie" with christopher atkins. It was very nice movie. I remember I was only 9 years old (1984) the first time I watched your movie with him. It was really one of the best. Anyway, just take good care I know you have a family of your own now, and God bless you and your whole family. Malou

From: Laura []
Date: Sat Feb 24 18:49:21 2001

I have been a huge 'McNichol family' fan for at least 20 years. I loved the 'Family' series. My favorite movies range from 'Summer of My German Soldier' to 'The Priate Movie.' Althrough in rough shape I do own the only (I believe) Kristy & Jimmy McNichol record album! I remember buying the only copy Sears had, back in the early 80's when they sold music. I just wish James and Kristy would have stayed in the spotlight but I understand that being a celebrity is'nt always what it's cracked up to be. I wish their families all the best and hope they will keep in touch with their fan's. Laura

From: Leeanne Dunn []
Date: Sat Feb 24 09:06:57 2001

I just love Kristy! She is the most talented actress I have ever seen! My fav. movie was Little Darlings. Like her, I too have Bipolar Disorder and I know what a daily struggle she goes prayers are with you Kristy!!!

From: Marie []
Date: Fri Feb 23 22:07:16 2001

The nights the lights went out in Georgia was okay, but that song "I need you strong for me" is one of my all time favorites. Can you tell me how I can get a copy?

From: Kelli S. Nelson []
Date: Fri Feb 23 08:29:34 2001

Kristy, I was wondering how you are? I was surprised to hear about your depression. I, too, am going through the same thing you are--and if I can be of any help, just let me know. I know it's hard, but with time and lots of emotional support from your family,friends and fans, I know you will come out of it--a winner! like me! I haven't been able to keep up with you or your career..Are you working on anything now? My dad was in the biz for many years: Rick Nelson, have you heard of him? I am the youngest of his daughters', Tracy is the first, but I have no contact with her now or the other Nelsons, for that matter. If you would like to chat sometime online, I am here for you if you need a friend, or a dry shoulder to cry on. I have to run now..but take care and drop me a line when you have the time. Time heals all wounds, please believe that, Kell's

From: April Mitchell a.k.a. []
Date: Sat Feb 17 05:12:48 2001

Dear John, Hey! It's April! DON'T YOU REMEMBER ME? Well, if you do, then why haven't you written me ANYMORE? I thought we were FRIENDS! DON'T YOU WANT TO BE, ANYMORE? Let me know one way or the other whether you want to be or not?! I'M DISAPPOINTED BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T WRITTEN ME IN A WHILE! If you only knew how I really feel about you! April

From: john []
Date: Thu Feb 8 12:43:35 2001

i realy enjoyed this site.Ive been looking for stuff about Kristy Mcnichol for along time now and got what i needed right here?thank very much and god bless.

From: Mary Peters []
Date: Fri Feb 2 19:32:39 2001


I would love to talk to you about your depression, I was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago with bipolar and have been going through a rough time. Please write.

Thanks, Desparately seeking Kristy


From: Pierre []
Date: Thu Feb 1 13:39:09 2001

Dear Kristy,

How the hell are you? I'd still like to bang you up the ass, you old carpet-muncher.

From: Brian John Mayer IAMheretohelpyounow@SunFunCo []
Date: Tue Jan 30 04:54:11 2001

Please forgive me

I am very sorry for being in love with you and being sick in the head and not being able to be your companion and friend. I simply love you darling.

Time for a cool change.



From: Brian []
Date: Sun Jan 28 04:07:00 2001

I hope you will understand that I am,I always have, and I always will be a true fan of Kristy McNichol's.

I am going on a journey to Los Angeles soon to meet her, and be her best friend untill the day I die (and forevermore). hopefully?

I am not a bad person. Please don't judge me wrongly Please...

From: cheryl coffey []
Date: Wed Jan 24 23:59:28 2001

Hi kristy, you are my favorite star i loved you in the movie the nights the lights went out in georgia.

From: eddy []
Date: Tue Jan 23 15:29:11 2001

nice page

From: Gypsy []
Date: Thu Jan 18 18:43:59 2001

Does anyone know anything about her younger brother Tommy?

From: k.e. dinshaw []
Date: Tue Jan 16 21:49:05 2001

I've always been a fan. I used to see Kristy regularly when going to dance clubs called "The Odyssey" and "Peanuts" in Hollywood. She was really nice to me and said hi when I saw her.

Date: Tue Jan 16 01:29:03 2001

Hi, Kristy I AM A LONG TIME FAN OF YOURS. You are tops in my book and very special. As a matter of fact yours is the first fan letter I have ever written. I wish you all the blessings that GOD has in store for you. May the LORD JESUS fill your heart with his LOVE and GRACE...My prayers are those of simple man, but they are sincere and with gentle kindness for you. MAY GOD BLESS YOU KRISTY, YOUR FRIEND, Joe Worsham

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