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November 2014:
Kristy McNichol about life after Hollywood and reunites with Love Boat cast.

3 August 2013:
Jimmy McNichol talks about Kristy in an interview.

11 January 2012:
Kristy McNichol wants to 'be open about who I am'.

October 2011:
Sony Pictures: "the intended release of the remaining Family episodes on DVD is postponed indefinitely due to outside music clearance costs that are out of our control. Unless we could promise those outside music copyright owners that we would sell many thousands of sets, there's no way to do this."

16 January 2008:
A portrait of Kristy McNichol is shown on The Bio Channel.

12 July 2007:
In January and February of 2007 there were two possibilities to "meet and greet" Kristy McNichol. Pictures are here

6 September 2006:
The Family DVD season 1 and 2 is now available! Buy it now in the shop of your choice.

17 October 2004:
The Pinballs is out on DVD.Read more

4 July 2004:
Completely revamped Pictures section, including 20 new pictures.

24 March 2004:
A new theme on the Trivia page: flipped images of Kristy.

7 July 2003:
Another great update on The Pinballs page ! Now included: what John Doran remembers of the shoot, a better picture, improved cast info and more.

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